Saturday, April 13, 2013


Surreal Blessings from God's Hand!

Yesterday was one of those days that are hard to explain.
Maybe you've had one, I'm sure most everyone has.
You NEVER expect it, you don't ever think about it...
but when it happens you look back and say "Wow, the things
 that took place today, made me think God opened His hand and dropped these beautiful 
gifts into my day!"

Without any planning at all, my replacement for work was hired today!
(I will be leaving work mid-June to move to China)

Without me letting ANYONE know that I had been searching for a significant
way to be connected to my granddaughter.
With so much distance between us, I want her to know
that I am thinking of her so much and that I love her and pray for her.
So today, God used one of our patients to share with
me what she does to stay connected to her
long distance granddaughter!
This patient had no clue how I had been struggling to come up with some
way to share something special with my granddaughter over the years!

And the third sweet "SURREAL" thing that happened in the same day:
I went to the store to pick up a few things and a young man
that works there that is always full of joy was working.
I always run into him and we always chat for a moment.
Today was different.
He said to me in a somewhat 
louder voice,
"Praise Jesus, can I get an Amen!"
I said to him, "That's something I will always give!"
Praise JESUS!

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  1. Wow, I feel that way too sometimes. Im such in a rush that I don't think about what others say until I get home and realize, "Hey, what he said had an important meaning..."

    And congrats on your new hire! "Can I get an Amen!."