Monday, April 8, 2013

Sensitivity to my idolatry

Almost everywhere at all times fasting has held a place of great importance since it is closely linked with the intimate sense of religion. Perhaps this is the explanation for the demise of fasting in our day. When the sense of God diminishes, fasting disappears.
-Edward Farrell

I am regularly asking my Father for a fierce and intense ever-increasing LOVE for Him!
There is nothing else in my life as important as this.
Not my hubby, my children, my granddaughter, my parents, my job, my money, my house, my stuff....
absolutely nothing can compare to the love I want for my Savior!
I want to go into the depths and love Him as never before.

I will keep asking Him.
I will keep pursuing Him.

I want to keep being homesick for Him!

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  1. Very well said. Im so glad I found your lovely blog. I am now your newest follower!