Thursday, July 30, 2015

How Do I Describe the Last Two Years?

If anyone would ask me to describe the last two years in China, I would have to say something like: God literally took my life and shook it up!  When I think about it, it's still so shocking to me.  He used my obedience in ways I would've never dreamed and He changed me more than I thought possible.  While we were preparing to move I didn't even think about being changed, really.  When you serve cross-culturally, I don't believe most people even think about what God is going to do to them.  I didn't. And I'm happy I didn't know what was coming, I would have been scared to go. He knew that though.  He also knew that His Mighty Strength would be enough for me in my weakness.  

I still cannot believe what He let me be a part of!  It was extremely hard at times with many struggles, but what I received is way more than I would have ever thought or imagined.  It was because of obedience.  It was because He knows what's best for me,  I don't.  We think we do, but we don't.

If Glenn and I would have said, no, we would have missed some of the biggest blessings of our life!  Making life-long relationships with Chinese students, sharing the "greatest news" with some, getting to be in the classroom with them each week doing our best to teach them our language, living life with them on campus, worshipping with some, celebrating with them in their accomplishments, listening to their hearts.... And in all of this, becoming changed more for Him!  We LOVE Chinese students so much and in the years to come we look forward to building relationships with more Chinese on campuses, continuing communication with all of our Chinese friends still in their homeland, ministering to our Chinese friends that have come abroad and sharing with many how the hardest thing that God asks you to do will actually bless your socks off!  You won't believe what He will do with your "yes"!