Monday, February 20, 2012


A time ago, our pastor encouraged us to choose a name of JESUS to focus and meditate on for the new year.  I chose "Treasure", and have not been able to change it since then.  Jesus IS MY Treasure, my most Precious Possession.  I, daily, stand in complete awe of Him.  For ALL He has done, ALL He does and ALL He will do!  He is Incomparable.  He is Amazing.  He is Unmeasurable.  He is Holy.  He is my first LOVE.  He is my EVERYTHING!  I am Humbled that He chose me before the foundation of the world and humbled that He has purpose for me in His Plan.  I am Thankful that I am on a road of Sanctification, being transformed into the woman that He designed me to be.  I am Joyful that He connects me in relationship with His believers that are of like mindset.  I am at Peace that He is in control of EVERYTHING.  I am Content with where He has me today.  I am Trusting Him with my future.  He bought me with a price and I am His slave, grateful to be able to call Him MASTER.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


God has blessed me so wonderfully with His choice of life partner/friend/husband for me!   Each day he shows me how much he loves me, even when I am feeling unloveable.  He demonstrates unconditional love me, endlessly and sometimes I don't know how he does it.   He is a man of integrity and wisdom.  He prays for me and with me.  He makes me smile and laugh.  He calls me a lot of cute names that only he knows.  He protects me and provides for me.  He desires to please God with his life and is convicted of obedience.  He is also romantic and this is what he gave me for February 14th:

There's nothing I would rather do,
    Than to grow old in 
LOVE with you,
The fun that being with you brings,
    Memories made of little things,
The talks we have, the jokes we share,
   The hugs, the 
kisses here and there...
What better reason could there be,
   Than to have you grow old in LOVE with me!

I love you  (wo ai ni)
I love you Glenn.  You are God's best for me!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day I Will Never Forget

Sometimes I truly wonder how we arrive at certain events in life so quickly.  I had one of those "events" recently when my baby girl became a wife.  It is a day in life that is truly etched in my mind to happily remember.  The ONLY negative that took place is that it proceeded far too quickly for me.  There were definitely things that I have thought of since the BIG DAY that I wish I would've done and kind of make me a bit sad, but I choose not to dwell there. I choose to think of how beautiful my little girl looked and the radiance that shone from her because she carries the HOLY SPIRIT in her soul.  I choose to think of the cuteness in my son-in-law's face when he saw his bride walking towards him to become his wife.  I choose to think of the God inspired words that were proclaimed over this marriage and the beautiful wedding vows that were exchanged between two of God's children that He arranged to be married in covenant to Him.  I choose to think of the joy that I had that day of seeing the godly beauty in the bride's attendants and the humility and love that they have for my daughter.  I choose to think of the most wonderful weaving that our Father does in orchestrating relationships that bring glory that is due Him.  I choose to be in awe and wonder of God and that He gives underserving gifts to bring joy and happiness to His children.  That day was truly one of His BEST gifts to me and I am thankful.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Loving the grandmother role!

Have you ever really thought about the wonderful way that God created the family and the roles
you are able to become in those families?  Now that I am older, I reflect more and think of  what ways I want to improve on my roles: child of God, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, daughter, daughter-in-law,sister, sister-in-law, aunt and friend!  I  see my granddaughter, Madeline, a few times a year, but I am determined to be a major part of her life.  I will just need to be more creative!  I am committed to praying for her.  I routinely pray for her heart, that it would be tender to Jesus when she is old enough to understand who He is and how she has a need for Him as her Savior.  I pray for her as the young woman she will become someday.  That she will have a passionate love for Christ and a desire to be obedient to His Word and that she will serve Him.  The times I am able to be with her, I will make her laugh and enjoy doing the things she wants to do, and I will share Jesus with her.  I will one day share with her what God has done in me and why I love Him so much!  This is the little girl that God has specifically placed in our family for His purpose.  I take my role in her life seriously because God has impressed this upon me.  I want to leave her a godly legacy, one that will drive her to JESUS all the more!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a brand new season

Deep thinking is not what I typically do,
but lately it's pretty much what I have been
doing alot.
I believe it is because of where God has me in life right now.
Officially, an empty-nester
A grandmother
A mother-in-law for the second time
A very happy wife
and best of all:
A woman in love with her Savior, totally sanctified by grace.

As I think about these roles, I feel totally blessed that God preserved
my life to allow me to get this far!

In some ways, aspects of my life are finished.
In others, it is only the beginning.

I am excited to begin this part!