Sunday, March 17, 2013

spiritual eyesight

I love so many many things about my Father.
One of the most absolutely beautiful things of Him
is His way of giving me the ability in my spirit to see with spiritual eyes.

This morning I was blessed to see with this eyesight in a way that humbled me so.
The hardest thing was containing the joy from what I was seeing!

I can say, honestly without a doubt, that this journey towards China
has continually blessed my soul.
I would never want to go back before it all began!

I choose to fiercely live in my birthright!
I am truly humbled!
I get to go to China!

Monday, March 11, 2013

A 360

The term "360" is on my mind and heart these days.

It's because of what God is teaching me in trusting Him fully in everything.

When I naturally tend to look at the circumstances that cause me to doubt and begin
to step away from fully trusting in the FAITHFUL ONE, in God's strength I do a 360!

I move my glimpse of the material to a gaze onto my FATHER'S face!
There I choose to linger upon the ONE I believe and know can do ANYTHING
regardless of any type of circumstance!

This material world is not my home and soon it will pass away.
I refuse to put my trust in something that will not last.
My trust resides in the One True Creator of all and daily I am
learning to turn about when the first hint of doubt appears and
do a 360 and focus on Jesus' face and BELIEVE!