Friday, April 5, 2013

A visit to remember

The most special things to me this Easter:

Dan and Cara came in from CA for a week!

Glenn and I both took vacation time!

The weather was wonderful with some warmth and sun and
some beautiful snow that Cara and Dan had been longing to see!

Family and old friends in our home Easter Day to share love and laughter!

Playing Sequence and Po-Keeno with much laughter!

Dan and Glenn shooting out back at the shooting range!

Dan and Cara shooting out back at the shooting range!

Cara FINALLY getting diagnosed!

Going to The Strip and Station Square for the day!

Cara helping me "pretty up" my blog!

Skyping together with Brent, Christy and Madeline!

Stopping by to see Scout and loving on him a bit!


My son-in-law, who by the way has such a tender heart, was led by the
Holy Spirit to prepare a wonderful Good Friday reflection study for us
to share together!

And, through issues that the evil one was attempting to orchestrate so
to damage our desire for wonderful relationships....GOD was victorious
and increased our communication and godly bond with one another!


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