Saturday, May 25, 2013


Just about every day I think about some part of God's plan for getting us to China and each
time I think, "God, I still am in awe of what you have done!"  "How did all this happen"?  I think back to about five years or so ago when I slowly His plan began to unfold and smile in my heart.  Our church had a missionary preach one Sunday and Glenn and I both sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to us.  As we both shared with one another, neither one of us were quite sure what He meant yet.  Glenn knew, however, that he was to finish his schooling to get his undergrad and while he was doing that I began to search for missions availability for us.  God presented "The Finisher's Project" to us and we knew from researching them that God was clearly pointing us in this direction.  Over time, we began waiting until they would have a weekend conference in our area and in March 2011 we attended.  The conference was wonderful and we received God's confirmation that we were definitely on the path He was calling us to.  There were many mission agencies represented at the conference, but we were drawn repeatedly to English Language Institute China (ELIC).  When we returned and began to seek God on this, He led us to go on ELIC's annual vision trip in October 2011.  Previous to this trip, Glenn and I both shared that we seriously doubted that God was asking us to go there more long term, but we thought it would be great to see China.  When we arrived there, we were astounded!  God not only gave us a love for the Chinese, but confirmed over and over again that, yes, this is where He was calling us to.  We were sad to leave, but we knew that we would return.  Since then, God has confirmed so clearly His call for us to China.  He has raised our support to go, He has sold our home, He has given us Chinese friends, He has given us a love for learning the language and He has given us the supernatural ability to "let go" of things here.  We love our country and all of our family and friends here.  It will be hard to leave all that we are used to, but we love our Lord so much more and He is the one that deserves our all!  We are blessed and honored to go to China to join others in making Jesus famous!!  This is a window of an amazing opportunity for us and we are going to SNAG IT!