Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Father's Power

I believe in the Father's power in my life and I believe everything in His Word.  It is a wellspring of life to my spirit!  

It is food for my soul and I need to be immersed in it as much as I am able!
I love its transforming power in me and how when I ask the Father for something in my life that is also His desire, He will give it to me.

I have over the years asked Him for contentment in all things and I believe with all of my heart that He is mightily working this in me.
I have learned to focus on Him and what I am to Him and not the world around me. 

I have learned to want what He wants and not what I want.

I am learning the importance of joyful obedience to Him and wanting to please Him instead of my flesh. 

I am learning to be aware of self pity and those dark places the evil one would want me to go. 

I have learned that I want to live more for eternity than for this temporary world that will pass away.

I am learning to ask Him to give me His eyes and not be mislead by what I see.  

I have learned that my Father is faithful in everything and deserves my all.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Father's steady confirmation

I haven't been able to blog my "30" for a couple days....
I won't try to catch up since it's really only for me and
I will give myself some grace...again!
Today I am thinking of China alot and want to
thank God for "20" things regarding us going to China:

1.  Father's ONGOING Confirmation that this is His guidance for Glenn and I.

2.  Able to read many articles about Father's increasing harvest in China!

4.  Never expecting this in our lifetime, but knowing that Father will equip us for what He has
     guided us to do!

5.  Everyday that I feel too weak to be able to do this is good because I know that Father is my
     STRENGTH and He will supply everything I need at the perfect time.

6.  Seeing and being AMAZED and in SO MUCH AWE at Father's raising up our partners to
     be in this with us!!!!  HOW ENCOURAGING AND HUMBLING!

7.  Having the support of our families!

8.  Father's gift of Chinese friends here before we even go!  Their fellowship and encouragement
     are unbelievable to me.

9.  Having American friends and Xueni in China that can help us know what to take to China
     and what we can leave behind.

10.Father giving us the ability to know SOME Mandarin!

11.Getting to live in another culture for a time and learn alot about it!

13.Having the WORD Everyday that gives me strength, hope and faith!

14.Thankful that Father has given me a deep desire to volunteer at an orphanage in China!

15.Seeing dear little Asian babies there.

16.Getting to build relationships with students since we will live on campus.

17.Honored that we will have opportunities to share Jesus with some that don't even know who He is.

18.Eating lots of Chinese food!

19.Total DEPENDENCE on Father now and in China!

20.Seeing Father move in some of the student's hearts!.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Praise Father

Blessings, blessings all around.
Anywhere you look they can be found.

1.  Seeing Father raise up our wonderful partners for China!
2.  A smooth day at work.
3.  Wonderful dinner with amazing friends that love the Father so much!
4.  Email from Xueni
5.  Chatting with patients at work
6.  Buying great tasting apples today at .88 a lb.
7.  Selling our piano
8.  Getting Christmas cards
9.  Knowing my children and their spouses read the Bible together!
10.Seeing them pursue Father
11.Making my hubby laugh
12.Hearing anyone laugh
13.Making a baby laugh
14.Knowing baby Leo is going to be okay
15.Christmas music through the day
16.Caramel gelato
17.Anticipating "The Hobbit" movie next week.
18.Listening to Philippians on my phone
19.Looking at our Nativity
20.Cute Christmas movies
21.Opportunites to talk about Jesus
22.Playing the piano
23.Seeing Father's faithfulness EVERYDAY!
24.Learning Mandarin
25.Ramen noodles
26.Cooking a new recipe
27.Being equipped by Father.
28.Loving on people
29.Making things.
30.Praying Living Words over my life and over others!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

God's Handiwork

I am thankful for what God has artistically made:

1.  babies

2.  snowflakes

3.  laughter

4.  families

5.  trees

6.  birds

7.  flowers

8.  plants

9.  the moon

10. the sun

11. the ocean

12.  races of people

13. sand

14. dogs

15. fish

16. leaves

17. the church

18. fruit

19. vegetables

20. grass

21. deer

22. music

23. clouds

24. angels

25. countries

26. the sky

27. heaven

28. the earth

29. seasons

30. the rain

Monday, December 3, 2012

keeping it simple

Today is grey
and I will say
keepin it simple
it's just that way...

30 "thankfuls" for today:

1.  fleece pants

2.  sweaters

3.  vanilla latte

4.  Glenn's deer jerky

5.  soft soothing music

6.  Glenn's kisses

7.  recipes with pictures

8.  making surprises

9.  fun socks

10. more China partners

11. celebrating with Cara having her own office at work

12. taco for lunch with Glenn

13. thinking of soups I want to make and freeze for cold days

14. warm blankets

15. thin mint cookies

16. fruit flavored green tea

17. having women's prayer tonite

18. a sweet text from a friend

19. Christmas lights

20. smell of a candle burning

21. our Willowtree Nativity

22. warm boots

23. scarves

24. a great book

25. I Heard the Bells by Casting Crowns, Christmas Song

26. M&M's

27. Old movies

28. my morning alarm with the sound of crickets in the morning

29. doing caligraphy

30. sitting still and closing my eyes for a bit

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December of Thanksgiving

I am starting December's 30 thanksgivings a day late, 
no matter, I will add another day on and end Jan. 1st.
I have a lot of different things floating in my mind to
be thankful for right now, but I think I'll go with the
godly characteristics I have seen most recently
in friends, in my life:

1.  First one HAS to be the way I see many of these dear ones pursuing their love
     relationship with Jesus!

2.  Their humility, this is by far a most amazing imitation of Christ Jesus that He calls us to be like Him.

3.  Their love and the evidence of that.

4.  Their sacrifices.

5.  Their soft heart towards the things of Jesus.

6.  Their desire to be in right standing before the Lord.

7.  Their hospitality.

8.  Their passion for God's Word.

9.  Their passion for the lost.

10. Their desire to look around them for other's needs before their own.

11. Their desire to share.

12. Their trustworthiness

13. Their generosity

14. Their kindness 

15. Their teachable spirit

16. Their sensitivity

17. Their encouragement

18. Their understanding of confidentiality

19. Their faith in Christ Jesus

20. Their godly counsel

The last ten things are some of what I am thankful for in the last two days:

1.  Having Saturday dinner at friends before the church meeting.

2.  A church meeting I will never forget and very thankful for.

3.  Having a new Chinese friend for lunch and games today.

4.  Having Sunday dinner at friends

5.  The love of true friends that I see Jesus' reflection in.

6.  Talking to my daughter

7.  Aleve D that took a nasty sinus headache away today

8.  Dollar General for "quick shopping"

9.  Enjoying my favorite cookie at Sunday School today, thanks to a friend!

10. Beginning to knit again