Monday, April 1, 2013

Beautiful Reflecting

With Easter brings newness!
Even though I celebrate the idea of this beautiful season everyday, there is still 
something amazingly wonderful about having a day to actually have on the
calendar to share what Jesus did and to reflect what happened two thousand years ago.   
To also think deeply about possibly what Jesus went through that whole week leading
up to His crucifixion.

A sweet unexpected gift our family received this Good Friday was my son-in-law
having it on his heart to prepare a time of reflection from God's Word of what
Jesus endured during this time.  It was unforgettable and I will always remember
this Good Friday night for the Good Friday's to come in the future.

This time together really had I focus more on what Jesus must have felt about
what was going on at the time.  The loneliness He must have felt, the anguish,
the idea that He knew He had to endure the beatings, the floggings, the spitting,
the cruelty...for there was no other way that we could escape eternal separation
from God!  He was the only Way!  He loved us enough to take on all of this
for me.

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