Friday, November 30, 2012


As I come to the end of this month of November, I feel compelled in my spirit to shout what's above:
"Thanks be to God!" For absolutely EVERYTHING!
So today I will list the first 25 things that come into my mind that I am most thankful for since receiving Jesus Christ as my LORD and SAVIOR!
The honored privileges He bestowed upon me when I became His Child.

1.  I am an heir to the Kingdom!

2.  He lives in me!

3.  I am a daughter of The King!

4.  He gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit as my Helper.

5.  I am saved by His grace.

6.  I can come to Him anytime and know that He is there.

7.  In Him, I have peace.

8.  He supplies all of my needs.

9.  He is FAITHFUL!

10. I am Sanctified.

11. I get to serve Him!

12. I am Justified.

13. I am Forgiven.

14. I have been dressed and equipped for supernatural living!

15. I have spiritual wealth.

16. He transforms and renews my mind.

17. He called me out of darkness into His Marvelous Light!

18. He gives me many PROMISES!

19. I am God's possession.

20. He loves me unconditionally.

21. He directs my steps.

22. He uses me for Him!

23. My citizenship is in Heaven.


25. He makes me Humble before Him!

I love God so much!  He is the only One who died for me and this is why I want to live for Him and not for me.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My heart loves to be in a thankful state

 A heart becomes what it is fed.
When I am consistently feeding my heart with God's Word, I am joyful!
So, today I am focusing on why I am so THANKFUL for this Book:

1.  The Bible is living and active.

2.  It judges my heart and my attitude.

3.  It guides

4.  It convicts

5.  It is from God to me

6.  It reveals God's character

7.  It is absolute TRUTH

8.  It's inspired by God

9.  It includes one plan of GRACE

10. It has the BEGINNING of creation and very specific features of the END planned by God.

11. It's full of history

12. It includes the establishment of the church

13. It gives me HOPE   

14. It's my guidebook through life.

15. It inspires me

16. It encourages me

17. I TRUST it

18. I revere it

19. It never returns void

20. It includes God's commands for me that are perfect, since they come from God.

21. It can never be exhausted.

22. It reveals a beautiful plan of redemption.

23. Full of wonderful promises

24. It increases my faith in GOD

25. It is a priceless treasure.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another 25! Easy as Pie!

Second day of 25! No big deal, all around me I have so much to be thankful for:

1.  Seeing my hubby's face in the morning!

2.  Waking up today overflowing with JOY! It comes from my Father.

3.  A really good job to go to, with a great boss and wonderful co-workers.

4.  Sweet time to pray for my children, their spouses and my granddaughter.

5.  Wonderful email from me dear friend, Emily, that is already living in China.

6.  My iPhone that will be an amazing tool in China for translation and other things.

7.  WeChat App and Skype to talk for free and video chat with loved ones I really miss.

8.  My daughter's new paying, ministry job that is such an unbelievable gift from God.

9.  My son-in-law's slow but hopefully, sure recovery from a herniated disc.

10. Getting to share China with my hairdresser today.

11. Superfruit Green Tea

12. Finishing my first scarf on a knitting loom.

13. Listening to yet "another" message on Joy this morning.

14. God making me smile!

15. Having China night with Glenn tonite.  Love it!

16. Having a washer and dryer.

17. Having a car to drive.

18. Seeing on FB our dear friends with New Tribes, first baby pictures!  Baby Leo

19. Seeing their extreme love and faith in God as they trust Him in everything. The issue at hand
      being that their new little fella may need a pacemaker put in.

20. Having fun scaling down.

21. Getting challenged each day learning Chinese.

22. Remembering where God has brought me from and being overwhelmed with Thanksgiving.

23. Checking out recipes of goodies to make for Christmas.

24. Sharing my life with a true man of integrity that I love to pieces!

25. God guiding Glenn and I to something way bigger than ourselves that only HE can do through

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One Thousand Gifts November/December

Last Year My Dear Daughter presented me with a wonderful gift that slowly THRUST me into Beginning Each Day in a state of Thankfulness!  I can share today that even with recent struggles that I have entailed, that I STILL have planted myself on doing a 360 and really seeing so much to be THANKFUL for!  So today I have given myself a DARE that should be a fun way to end 2012.  I will list 25 gifts for the next four days and in December I will list 30 gifts each day.  I have decided that not all will be spiritual, some will be SILLY and FUN and some will be SERIOUS and less FLEETING.  So here I go with the first TWENTY-FIVE.

Some of my gifts today:

1.  My work office being closed this week, so I can go in earlier in bummy clothes
    and get a lot done without too many interruptions.

2.  Good tasting bean coffee this morning.

3.  A heart laugh first thing this morning when I turned on the radio to WORD and once 
     again the message was on Phillipians!  For some reason God keeps bringing me to this
     book over and over again, lately.  Today I decided I need to ask Him what He wants me
     to do regarding this book.  (A few times I have had the thought of memorization....)

4.  Being totally in awe of the fresh falling snow this morning.  Eventually got out there
     before work to just "stand there."

5.  Love reading "Come Away My Beloved" in the morning...a sweet friend gave me this 
     treasure this year!

6.  Listened to K-Love this morning at work.

7.  Learning from the Holy Spirit to pray God's Word over myself more, and from that I
     have been so full of JOY the last few days!

8. Sat down later this afternoon to read a "Sparkling Gem" and my hubby came in and 
    presented me with my favorite drink of a PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE!   What a treat!

9.  Reflecting today of the precious time with sisters in prayer last night.  I love these 
     women, they are gifts to me.

10. WeChatted with Cara a little today.

11.  Really like working with two young ladies, Connie and Megan.  We have a ball 
      together at work!  

12. Finally finishing a two skein scarf today.

13. Seeing pictures of my family in my home make me SMILE!

14. Glenn got a deer and has begun the jerky process.  YUM!

15. Ate a really juicy Sunkist orange today.

16. Had fun putting together a package to send to California.

17. Having leftover crock pot stew for dinner.

18. Love listening to a variety of Christmas music.

19. God continues to stir me to memorize designated Scripture I believe He knows I 
      will need.

20.  Loving the fruit of recent answered prayers.

21. So thankful for what I learn from my daughter!  She challenges me and I love it.

22. Finding "Jesus" books I want to send to Madeline for Christmas.

23. Knowing that I just need to please God in my life.

24. Talking to a friend in China this morning.

25.  Colorful sunset out back tonite.

This is just in a ten hour period!  I could list more, but I will keep to my challenge for myself of One Thousand Gifts by the end of the year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Spiritually Exercising"

The previous few weeks have been an intense struggle.
I felt attacked from all sides and was miserable.
I was fearful, insecure and over-sensitive.
I was self-pitying, doubtful and confused.

I reached out to my dear sisters in Jesus and they
extended sweet grace and love to me.
I asked for much prayer and knew that they would lift me up.
Monday night prayer with some of these ladies was such 
a gift to me!

As I was reading the Word yesterday, God ordained that He
would speak to me of my issues at hand.
I opened my "Sparkling Gems" to find a title appropriate
for what I was enduring...."Exercise Thyself Unto Godliness"...
It is found in the verse I Timothy 4:7.
The Holy Spirit spoke to me that the reason I was struggling
so, was that I had become soft in my "exercising".
I had let the busyness of life squelch out my larger times of much NEEDED time with my Father!
How dare I! How dare I believe that I could get away with that and not have struggles.  
Especially at this time.
Nothing should be more important than my time in God's Word and meditating on it and my time seeking the Lord.
I need lots of equipping before I move to China.

My desire is that I put my whole heart and soul into developing myself to the maximum level that, with God, I am  able.

I want to exercise and exercise myself to the point of a fanatical devotion to God!

I want to take the things that are a struggle for me as an opportunity to stretch, develop, exercise and make myself stronger.

I am blessed to have amazing "sisters" including my daughter, that speak truth to me and come along side of me when I am so weak.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 10


1.  China (since I will be moving there in 2013!)
2.  Germany
3.  Colorado (going there before going to China!)
4.  Israel
5.  Greece
6.  Rome
7.  Ontario 
8.  Ireland
9.  Spain

No specific order, just places I would love to see!  Maybe someday God will take me to some of the remaining eight I have no plans for right now!   :)