Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Spiritually Exercising"

The previous few weeks have been an intense struggle.
I felt attacked from all sides and was miserable.
I was fearful, insecure and over-sensitive.
I was self-pitying, doubtful and confused.

I reached out to my dear sisters in Jesus and they
extended sweet grace and love to me.
I asked for much prayer and knew that they would lift me up.
Monday night prayer with some of these ladies was such 
a gift to me!

As I was reading the Word yesterday, God ordained that He
would speak to me of my issues at hand.
I opened my "Sparkling Gems" to find a title appropriate
for what I was enduring...."Exercise Thyself Unto Godliness"...
It is found in the verse I Timothy 4:7.
The Holy Spirit spoke to me that the reason I was struggling
so, was that I had become soft in my "exercising".
I had let the busyness of life squelch out my larger times of much NEEDED time with my Father!
How dare I! How dare I believe that I could get away with that and not have struggles.  
Especially at this time.
Nothing should be more important than my time in God's Word and meditating on it and my time seeking the Lord.
I need lots of equipping before I move to China.

My desire is that I put my whole heart and soul into developing myself to the maximum level that, with God, I am  able.

I want to exercise and exercise myself to the point of a fanatical devotion to God!

I want to take the things that are a struggle for me as an opportunity to stretch, develop, exercise and make myself stronger.

I am blessed to have amazing "sisters" including my daughter, that speak truth to me and come along side of me when I am so weak.

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