Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another 25! Easy as Pie!

Second day of 25! No big deal, all around me I have so much to be thankful for:

1.  Seeing my hubby's face in the morning!

2.  Waking up today overflowing with JOY! It comes from my Father.

3.  A really good job to go to, with a great boss and wonderful co-workers.

4.  Sweet time to pray for my children, their spouses and my granddaughter.

5.  Wonderful email from me dear friend, Emily, that is already living in China.

6.  My iPhone that will be an amazing tool in China for translation and other things.

7.  WeChat App and Skype to talk for free and video chat with loved ones I really miss.

8.  My daughter's new paying, ministry job that is such an unbelievable gift from God.

9.  My son-in-law's slow but hopefully, sure recovery from a herniated disc.

10. Getting to share China with my hairdresser today.

11. Superfruit Green Tea

12. Finishing my first scarf on a knitting loom.

13. Listening to yet "another" message on Joy this morning.

14. God making me smile!

15. Having China night with Glenn tonite.  Love it!

16. Having a washer and dryer.

17. Having a car to drive.

18. Seeing on FB our dear friends with New Tribes, first baby pictures!  Baby Leo

19. Seeing their extreme love and faith in God as they trust Him in everything. The issue at hand
      being that their new little fella may need a pacemaker put in.

20. Having fun scaling down.

21. Getting challenged each day learning Chinese.

22. Remembering where God has brought me from and being overwhelmed with Thanksgiving.

23. Checking out recipes of goodies to make for Christmas.

24. Sharing my life with a true man of integrity that I love to pieces!

25. God guiding Glenn and I to something way bigger than ourselves that only HE can do through

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