Thursday, November 29, 2012

My heart loves to be in a thankful state

 A heart becomes what it is fed.
When I am consistently feeding my heart with God's Word, I am joyful!
So, today I am focusing on why I am so THANKFUL for this Book:

1.  The Bible is living and active.

2.  It judges my heart and my attitude.

3.  It guides

4.  It convicts

5.  It is from God to me

6.  It reveals God's character

7.  It is absolute TRUTH

8.  It's inspired by God

9.  It includes one plan of GRACE

10. It has the BEGINNING of creation and very specific features of the END planned by God.

11. It's full of history

12. It includes the establishment of the church

13. It gives me HOPE   

14. It's my guidebook through life.

15. It inspires me

16. It encourages me

17. I TRUST it

18. I revere it

19. It never returns void

20. It includes God's commands for me that are perfect, since they come from God.

21. It can never be exhausted.

22. It reveals a beautiful plan of redemption.

23. Full of wonderful promises

24. It increases my faith in GOD

25. It is a priceless treasure.


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