Friday, November 30, 2012


As I come to the end of this month of November, I feel compelled in my spirit to shout what's above:
"Thanks be to God!" For absolutely EVERYTHING!
So today I will list the first 25 things that come into my mind that I am most thankful for since receiving Jesus Christ as my LORD and SAVIOR!
The honored privileges He bestowed upon me when I became His Child.

1.  I am an heir to the Kingdom!

2.  He lives in me!

3.  I am a daughter of The King!

4.  He gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit as my Helper.

5.  I am saved by His grace.

6.  I can come to Him anytime and know that He is there.

7.  In Him, I have peace.

8.  He supplies all of my needs.

9.  He is FAITHFUL!

10. I am Sanctified.

11. I get to serve Him!

12. I am Justified.

13. I am Forgiven.

14. I have been dressed and equipped for supernatural living!

15. I have spiritual wealth.

16. He transforms and renews my mind.

17. He called me out of darkness into His Marvelous Light!

18. He gives me many PROMISES!

19. I am God's possession.

20. He loves me unconditionally.

21. He directs my steps.

22. He uses me for Him!

23. My citizenship is in Heaven.


25. He makes me Humble before Him!

I love God so much!  He is the only One who died for me and this is why I want to live for Him and not for me.

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