Thursday, December 6, 2012

Praise Father

Blessings, blessings all around.
Anywhere you look they can be found.

1.  Seeing Father raise up our wonderful partners for China!
2.  A smooth day at work.
3.  Wonderful dinner with amazing friends that love the Father so much!
4.  Email from Xueni
5.  Chatting with patients at work
6.  Buying great tasting apples today at .88 a lb.
7.  Selling our piano
8.  Getting Christmas cards
9.  Knowing my children and their spouses read the Bible together!
10.Seeing them pursue Father
11.Making my hubby laugh
12.Hearing anyone laugh
13.Making a baby laugh
14.Knowing baby Leo is going to be okay
15.Christmas music through the day
16.Caramel gelato
17.Anticipating "The Hobbit" movie next week.
18.Listening to Philippians on my phone
19.Looking at our Nativity
20.Cute Christmas movies
21.Opportunites to talk about Jesus
22.Playing the piano
23.Seeing Father's faithfulness EVERYDAY!
24.Learning Mandarin
25.Ramen noodles
26.Cooking a new recipe
27.Being equipped by Father.
28.Loving on people
29.Making things.
30.Praying Living Words over my life and over others!

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