Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Father's steady confirmation

I haven't been able to blog my "30" for a couple days....
I won't try to catch up since it's really only for me and
I will give myself some grace...again!
Today I am thinking of China alot and want to
thank God for "20" things regarding us going to China:

1.  Father's ONGOING Confirmation that this is His guidance for Glenn and I.

2.  Able to read many articles about Father's increasing harvest in China!

4.  Never expecting this in our lifetime, but knowing that Father will equip us for what He has
     guided us to do!

5.  Everyday that I feel too weak to be able to do this is good because I know that Father is my
     STRENGTH and He will supply everything I need at the perfect time.

6.  Seeing and being AMAZED and in SO MUCH AWE at Father's raising up our partners to
     be in this with us!!!!  HOW ENCOURAGING AND HUMBLING!

7.  Having the support of our families!

8.  Father's gift of Chinese friends here before we even go!  Their fellowship and encouragement
     are unbelievable to me.

9.  Having American friends and Xueni in China that can help us know what to take to China
     and what we can leave behind.

10.Father giving us the ability to know SOME Mandarin!

11.Getting to live in another culture for a time and learn alot about it!

13.Having the WORD Everyday that gives me strength, hope and faith!

14.Thankful that Father has given me a deep desire to volunteer at an orphanage in China!

15.Seeing dear little Asian babies there.

16.Getting to build relationships with students since we will live on campus.

17.Honored that we will have opportunities to share Jesus with some that don't even know who He is.

18.Eating lots of Chinese food!

19.Total DEPENDENCE on Father now and in China!

20.Seeing Father move in some of the student's hearts!.

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  1. i LOVE that you want to work in an orphanage there!!! so excited for you!!!