Monday, December 3, 2012

keeping it simple

Today is grey
and I will say
keepin it simple
it's just that way...

30 "thankfuls" for today:

1.  fleece pants

2.  sweaters

3.  vanilla latte

4.  Glenn's deer jerky

5.  soft soothing music

6.  Glenn's kisses

7.  recipes with pictures

8.  making surprises

9.  fun socks

10. more China partners

11. celebrating with Cara having her own office at work

12. taco for lunch with Glenn

13. thinking of soups I want to make and freeze for cold days

14. warm blankets

15. thin mint cookies

16. fruit flavored green tea

17. having women's prayer tonite

18. a sweet text from a friend

19. Christmas lights

20. smell of a candle burning

21. our Willowtree Nativity

22. warm boots

23. scarves

24. a great book

25. I Heard the Bells by Casting Crowns, Christmas Song

26. M&M's

27. Old movies

28. my morning alarm with the sound of crickets in the morning

29. doing caligraphy

30. sitting still and closing my eyes for a bit

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