Sunday, May 13, 2012


I read Scripture this morning that I  felt just reached out and grabbed ahold of me.  

When my heart is open, the Holy Spirit will give me His Truth that will speak to me

in my current circumstance .

The wonderful truth was  I Peter 5:7: Casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.

I LOVE THIS! If I were to get a tatoo, this would, without a doubt, be the one I would choose.

"Casting" used in this verse is the Greek word epiripto, a compound of the words epi and ripto.  The epi means upon, as on top of something.  The word ripto means to hurl, to throw, or to cast, and it often means to violently throw or to fling something with great force.

The only other place this word epiripto is used in the New Testament is in Luke 19:35, where the Bible says, "And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus there on."  This passage correctly conveys the idea of the word epiripto, which in secular literature often pictured the flinging of a garment, bag, or excess weight off the shoulders of a traveler and onto the back of some other beast, such as a donkey, camel, or horse.  

The word "care" is the Greek word merimna, which means anxiety.
In principle it described any affliction, difficulty, hardship, misfortune, trouble.
Peter uses this word to assure me that Jesus really does care about me 
and the things that are heavy on my heart.  

When I saw these Greek words and perceived how deeply Jesus cared about the burdens that were on my heart, I realized I was carrying a load I didn't have to bear.  Jesus wants me to take the
difficulty I am carrying and fling them onto His back.  He will carry them for me.

"Jesus, I am yielding  my concern to You today. 
 I cast my burden on You, and thank you for 
setting me FREE!"

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