Monday, May 7, 2012

favorites - things preferred above others

This day was unbelievably special because before I left the house for work, the Lord gave me a gift of the evidence of His tangible love for me.  No, it was not a hot or iced latte...although they are truly my favorite drink, they CANNOT compare to the gifts my Father gives me.  So throughout the day I began pondering on the things in my life that make my heart feel like it's smiling.
  1. Nothing even comes close to the nearness of my heavenly Father, a sense of His presence takes my breath away.  That happened this morning!  His speaking to me...thinking about this almost makes me feel that it is too good to be true.  It isn't though, the Holy Spirit lives inside of me.  God's presence resides in my soul!  How could anything here on earth compare that this? Nothing can, but I will still think of the simple things that tickle my fancy...just for fun!
  2. having fun with my husband
  3. talking to Cara and making her laugh
  4. getting an email from Brent in Afghanistan
  5. hearing Madeline call me, Ma Tu
  6. my son-in-law telling me he loves me
  7. my daughter-in-law telling me she loves me
  8. good friends
  9. lattes
  10. swinging and chatting on my swing
  11. thunderstorms
  12. good books
  13. getting mail
  14. fruit salad
  15. traveling
  16. m & m's
  17. candles
  18. a good movie
  19. traveling
  20. cute used clothing
  21. fresh flowers
  22. sandals
  23. the beach and ocean
  24. popcorn
  25. babies
  26. iced tea
  27. corn hole
  28. campfires
  29. popcorn
  30. Chinese noodles
  31. dusk
  32. chopsticks
  33. pictures
  34. simple jewelry
  35. reading blogs
  36. a beautiful sky
  37. walks
  38. good coffee
  39. seeing patients at work, improve
  40. I will END with the second best thing I love in this life, and that is to see the work of GOD in my children, family and friends!