Monday, January 2, 2017

The Goodness of the Lord

I found this drawing and it spoke so sweetly to my soul.  It's because it expresses all that I have been feeling lately in my love relationship with my sweet Savior.
I have never been so much in love with Him and hungered for His presence more.  
He has brought me to this place and I am filled with great JOY and GRATITUDE!
He is faithful and has held me close as I have navigated through several tribulations this past year.  I've felt His great love and compassion as He has gently lead me through the wilderness.     

He's taught me to know that my natural slide into bitterness and anger could be caught by His rescuing hand of grace, then transformed into a state of mind that could only come from Him.  He's reminded me that sometimes He allows me to come face-to-face with an experience that could potentially breed bitterness, just so I can see His ability to work miracles in the way I feel.  He chose to do this with His Word in Isaiah, "You keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You."  As the Holy Spirit continued to bring this Truth to my mind, I have repeatedly prayed it over myself.  How miraculous it is to me that God's Word is living and true and it has transformed me!  I do have perfect peace when my mind is fixed on Him.

So, now when I am standing as the children of Israel, my feet planted in a place I don't really want to be....camping out in a location I'd rather be seeing in my rearview mirror, I will not waste what God is developing in me in the wilderness.  I will stay put until I am living a fully committed life with Jesus, and it is what I want more than anything.   I will camp there and I will look up and see Him in all His splendor and glory.  Being wonderfully astounded again and again at His goodness, His power, and His Holiness.  And I will remember that I am His child, I am holy and I am loved by Him! And someday soon, I am hopeful that He will take my face tenderly in His hands, just like the drawing... it's my greatest longing!


  1. There is no better place to be. Thanks for sharing as we all have been to those places where we either go the way of our natural man or we allow God to transform our mind.

  2. Love this Erin!! Thank you so much.


  3. Love this Erin!! Thank you so much.