Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finding the vestibule of heaven

Moving across the ocean has forced me to take cover
in the shelter of the Most High.
I have taken refuge under His wings.
Walking in a foreign land has forced me
 to "live out" the words that have previously been before my eyes.
Up until this "uprooting", often it has been read and glean.
But, coming to China has changed all that.
I have a much larger dependence and an intense need for the "Living Word".

I have to "live" in Truth!  I have to make sure it's enveloped around me.
I have to meditate on it and ask for the faith to believe.
I have to desire it becomes alive in my spirit.
I have to ask for strength from Him.
I have to ask for His perspective,  His desires.
I have to purposefully look with supernatural vision amidst all
the physical distraction competing for my attention.

I know that the Holy Spirit has a strict watch over me.

He is Sovereign.  He has brought me here.
He has a right to do as He pleases with me.
I want to look beyond my temporary challenges to what God is doing.

I must be where God desires.
I am His, He is mine.
He is so gracious and His kindness showers me in His Fatherly way.
He is telling me that through all of the strain and stretching,
He has pledged Himself to make me all that I would love to be!

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