Monday, February 18, 2013

Scout's in retirement

Twelve years ago we brought Scout home and he has been a wonderful pet for our family!
He has always had the best disposition and he's made so many friends, here at our house.
He has never given us any problem and what a people pleasure he has always been.

Glenn and I wanted him to have a good home since we can't take him to China and
the Father already had this taken care of.

My path crossed in December with an old friend from Beaver County and she asked
me what we would do with Scout?  The rest is obvious, her and her family are now
the proud owners of Scout!  It was the perfect timing for them to have an interest in
having another dog, since their golden has been gone two years.

They will make a great home for him and Scout will enjoy a lot of exercise with them
and time laying in front of their fireplace in their cozy home.  They have been so dear in
telling us that when we or anyone else wants to see him, we are welcome to come visit or
take him for as long as we want!

Our Father has been in every detail of His preparation for us to go and it's been such
a delight to be even more amazed!

True faith counts on Him, and believes before it sees.

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