Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JOY uncontainable!

I am joyfully walking under the anointing of the Father's gift of Spirit!  I have asked for more of the Father's equipping that He needs to do in me before He leads me out of the country.  He is growing my faith by leaps and bounds!  He has and is teaching me to keep my focus on Him and not any circumstances.  He is and has been teaching me that I only have to please Him and more recently He is teaching me more and more about relying on the Helper He has given me.  This has been so rich and wonderful!  I am loving this so much... He is giving me His chosen Words to pray over my life right now and I feel as though my joy is uncontainable!  What a wonderful privilege, to walk supernaturally on this earth...every step I take, whether here or somewhere far away is still according to His direction.
I scarcely can take it in!

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