Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Moods (I'll second that!)

Today I am going to piggyback on my daughter's blog, The Marvelous Flight of Cara.  She inspired me today to be honest and real with what's going on inside of my heart and head today.

So ridiculously hard to get out of bed today.  Wasn't I just at work yesterday?  It sure feels like the weekend was just skipped over.  How can weekends go that FAST?  Really?

I too, am exhausted and sure you could guess that by just looking at me.  LOL
I too, am choosing to live the abundant life God is providing for me this side of Heaven.
I too, fall into that sinful trap of doubting the work of my King, and I know that I am mistakenly relying on my "untrusted", sinful emotions.
I want my daughter and son-in-law to have the marriage God purposes them to have and I am always going to be praying for that!  Just like I have for mine, all of these years.
I want them to also to not suffer, physically, every day of their life together.  Again, always praying for healing and relief AFTER God has had His way in them for His plan, while trusting Him. 
This week brings on a "yearly annual event" (yuck!) that I always dread.  Always relieved when it's done.
I have been listening to Matt Maher's "Empty and Beautiful" everyday, alot!  The words and peaceful music speak to my mind and to my heart so magnificently.
Relationships are work.  They take creativity, sensitivity, intensity, and vulnerability.  In healthy ones, the results are beautiful.
I like vanilla lattes...ALOT!
I struggle with being so separated from my daughter, son-in-law, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, especially before I relocate to China.
I also plan on being more creative, especially in my relationships.  Being more pro-active, more often, and listening more acutely to other's hearts.
I rejoice in the confidence that God is my victory, and that my God is alive and not dead!

Thank you daughter, for nudging me today!

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