Tuesday, April 24, 2012


i was given a gift last week of a beautiful devotional called "Sparkling Gems of the Greek".   i am so thankful that this special gifter was obedient to the Holy Spirit's urging her to buy me this book.  
it is truly a treasure!  
it has a particular scripture for the day and then it gives a one to two page devotional including the most important words transcribed into the greek language to give you the true meaning/definition of the word or words.  
today's devotion broke my heart and as I read it in disbelief about Jesus' death.
i will never understand the level of outrage and hate in the jews and the roman soldiers that wanted Jesus, a man without sin, to be killed. 

never, ever, will I be able to comprehend how 
they could inflict so much pain and hate on 

the One and Only that had no sin. 

how they chose to 
beat Him.  
scourge Him, spit on Him
hate Him, strip Him,
tie Him, 
shackle Him, 
whip Him,  lash Him, strike Him, 
humiliate Him, beat Him, 
tempt Him, curse Him
mock Him
c r u c i f y  Him.

anger builds up inside me.
revenge, hate, vengeance.

and each time, my wonderful Savior
reminds me that it was part of His beautiful
ironic...that, that was BEAUTIFUL.

but yes, it is that.
and that plan included me.
someone had to take my place.
someone had to pay the price for all sin.

God sent His Son for that.
so that I would not be in debt for that
unbelievable price of my sin.

He suffered... He bled His precious blood...
and died a humiliating death
for me.

the CROSS was where the price was paid
for my deliverance.


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