Sunday, March 11, 2012



The story of God placing China in our hearts is an amazing testimony of HIS GREATNESS and I want to share this story to encourage your faith in Him and to keep increasing my own.  To my reconciliation, this story begins about four years ago when Glenn and I heard a message in church during one of our Missions Conferences.  Immediately after the service we both shared with one another that we believed God was calling us to go and we had no idea where.  I think a few months after that I had stumbled across a website called the Finishers Project and they primarily focused on folks that where in there mid-years that believed God was calling them to something else other than their present lifestyle and then retirement.  We sent for the free CD, watched it and waited until there was a conference available to us that was not too far away.  In March, 2010, we received notice that there was a conference at a church in Ohio.  At this conference were many mission agencies represented there and God directed Glenn and I multiple times to English Language Institute China to talk to them and collect information.  We left this conference believing that this is what God may be calling us to.  At this time, Glenn was also finishing his bachelor's degree online not realizing that God was equipping him to finish it so that he could teach English in China.  We prayed for God's direction and knew that he was wanting us to go to China with ELIC on their one week vision trip and after our son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and daughter all moved out we knew that it was the right time to go to China.  We both were a little unsure about the country and began questioning if this is somewhere that we could live, so far away.  So even before we left for China, we were looking for red flags and thought for some reason, God would give us red flags when we got there.  LOL   Boy, where we wrong!!  HE did a mighty work in us while we were there in that short time!  HE gave us a love for the country and a love for the Chinese people.  HE gave us a passion to share CHRIST with them.  They are hungry for GOD, they want to know who JESUS is!  Glenn and I felt so alive and and so "right in the middle of HIS purpose for us" there.  HE confirmed over and over that this was HIS will for us.   HE gave us favor with Chinese people that we met.  HE gave us divine appointments with them.  HE gave us opportunities to share HIM!!  So you can imagine, we were very sad to leave.  That's how it is with our precious GOD...HE blesses us on this earth with times that we are so ABOUT HIM that nothing worldly exists for a time.  That's how it was for Glenn and I in China.  So, we are excited to go back.  Don't get me wrong, there definitely are days that I think, I can't do it.  I can't leave everything that is comfortable here.  My family, my home, my stuff, my country.  There are days that I allow satan to cripple me for a time and think this is crazy and I am not capable of making this life change!  But then, I say, "No, I am not able to do this..."but my GREAT GOD can do this through me."  HE IS ABLE, HE IS MY STRENGTH, HE IS MY STRONG TOWER!  So many days, many many days I go through this and every day I am desperate for HIM, for His POWER in me, for His TRUTH in me.  Without those, I surely would not be going.  I would not be able to tear myself away from what brings me comfort.  ONLY HE can do that.  So since we have returned God is continuing to confirm over and over again that, YES, I AM calling you to China.  He has provided Chinese friends for us here in Slippery Rock, He has provided ones that are teaching us the Chinese culture and the language.  He is giving us opportunities to share Jesus, here with Chinese friends.   He is daily igniting the passion to go, in us.  And one of the very best things HE has done in all of this is, given Glenn and I BOTH the same desires, since we really are ONE!  THAT is truly a confirmation.  So as we prepare for the next year in scaling down a lot and selling our home, please pray for us.  Please pray for us to stay on the course God has set for us and please pray for a continual love for the country and the people of China.  Please pray for our support that God will need to supply for us to go.   Most of all, please pray for wisdom for us.

We will be selling some of our stuff and giving away some.
We will make that information available, JUST in case you are interested in any of it.


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  1. Wow. WOW MOM! This is so incredible and full of the aroma of Christ. You truly are so full of Him. I love you SO MUCH. I am so encouraged by this. I have the two best parents in the whole world. I love you.