Thursday, May 24, 2012

Divine Adventure

I believe that  the second most amazing and humble aspect of
being a child of the King is,
that when I desire for Him to change me, He does.
These days, in my heart,
He has given me a deep longing to
want to be transformed
as never before.

I have not prayed a certain prayer across my lips.
My Father does not always require that of me.
He knows my heart and my desires.
He knows that I want to be all He designed me to be.

I have this one life He gave me
 and I have vowed
that I will not leave this Earth without taking
the big steps He has called me to.
No matter how uncomfortable,
no matter how fearful I may be,
no matter how much strength I must draw from Him,
I do not want to stand, I want to walk.
I want to make much of God, here on earth.

My vow
takes my self-indulgence and pushes it into
the risky world of selflessness.
It causes me to learn to live
in surrender and obedience
moment by moment.
It causes me to continually
ask for the ability to
 dominate my flesh.

It makes me regularly draw my stake out of this world
and plant it into the Kingdom that is to come.

It gives me the desire to live authentically
and stand under the spout where grace pours out for me.
It demands a discipline
 to learn of the ability to listen deeply
with the ear of my heart.

It purposes in me, a will to live a life worthy of God. that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord,
to please Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and
increasing in the knowledge of God.
Col. 1:10


  1. "...when I desire for Him to change me, He does." - this is true!

  2. Wow. Did you write this?! This is incredible, unbelievable, full of such truth. I love this! The hand of God moves so mightily in your life, momma. I love you!!!