Monday, March 11, 2013

A 360

The term "360" is on my mind and heart these days.

It's because of what God is teaching me in trusting Him fully in everything.

When I naturally tend to look at the circumstances that cause me to doubt and begin
to step away from fully trusting in the FAITHFUL ONE, in God's strength I do a 360!

I move my glimpse of the material to a gaze onto my FATHER'S face!
There I choose to linger upon the ONE I believe and know can do ANYTHING
regardless of any type of circumstance!

This material world is not my home and soon it will pass away.
I refuse to put my trust in something that will not last.
My trust resides in the One True Creator of all and daily I am
learning to turn about when the first hint of doubt appears and
do a 360 and focus on Jesus' face and BELIEVE!

1 comment:

  1. GOD IS ENOUGH - He is all we could ever need, want, or imagine.
    Learning that myself, lately. xoxoxo